Digi-stick BOPP Anti-scratch Matt

Digi-stick BOPP Anti-scratch Matt is a specialised type of Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film that has been engineered to resist scratches and other types of damage that can occur during handling and transportation.  The film has a unique coating that provides a protective layer that enhances its durability and prevents it from becoming scratched or scuffed whilst pertaining to its true matt finish.  The anti-scratch properties of Digi-Stick BOPP Anti-scratch make it an ideal choice for printing and packaging applications where the product needs to be protected during transportation and handling.  The Digi-stick aspect of this film means that it has a strong adhesive that allows it to bond to various surfaces.

When protection is important this anti-scratch premium product is your go-to. Designed to both protect and maintain a luxury feel, this film delivers fantastic surface tension properties and is receptive to toner print. This perfectly lends itself to accepting further secondary printing and finishing processes, like toner foil and UV varnishing a lot easier.



  • Natural Matt Finish
  • Excellent Anti-scratch properties
  • Recommended for black & dark printed substrates
  • Outstanding surface adhesion for all types of coatings, inks, hot-melt & foils
  • Superior bonding strength to all digital ink/toner types
  • Printable
  • Available core sizes 3” core
Standard reel lengths
Other widths available upon request
Available as standard width (mm)
315, 440, 445, 510
500/600mts, 1000/1200mts, 2400mts
Other widths available upon request

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