Silk Wet Lamination

Wet BOPP Silk

Wet BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) Silk Lamination films are specialised packaging materials used to enhance the visual appeal and durability of printed products along with providing good anti-static properties.

The silk finish on these films refers to their smooth and matt appearance, which mimics the texture of silk fabric, somewhere between a gloss and a matt finish.

This finish helps to reduce glare and makes the printed images or text more vivid and eye-catching.

Wet BOPP Silk Lamination films are commonly used for high-quality applications and offer a premium look and feel that can help brands differentiate their products from competitors and attract customers’ attention. All of our wet lamination films can be used in conjunction with our range of adhesives.



  • Silky Matt Finish
  • Good Anti-static properties
  • 2 Side Corona Treated
  • Food Contact Safe
  • Available core sizes 3” core
Widths available upon request
Available as standard width (mm)
440, 510, 630, 710, 890, 1010
Widths available upon request

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