Holographic Wet Lamination

Wet BOPP Clear & Metalised Holographic

Holographic Wet Lamination films are a type of speciality film used to create eye-catching and decorative finishes on printed or unprinted materials. Available in 8 different patterns (6 clear and 2 metallised) These films have a holographic pattern that creates a 3D effect when light is reflected off its surface, giving an illusion of depth and movement.

These films offer a range of benefits including durability, resistance to scratches and abrasion, and enhanced visual appeal.  Available in either BOPP or PET and can be tailored slit to meet your requirements. All of our wet lamination films can be used in conjunction with our range of adhesives.

Patterns available upon request
Other widths available upon request


  • Unique reflective Finish
  • Seamless grade
  • Printable
  • Available core sizes 3” core

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