Thermal GSP (Glueable, stampable, printable) Matt

Thermal GSP (Glueable, stampable, printable) Matt lamination films are versatile and convenient.  They can be easily applied using thermal lamination and offer glueable, stampable, and printable properties.  These films enhance the durability and appearance of printed materials, allowing for customisation and creative design.  Additionally, they are print receptive, making them suitable for sleeking digital toner foils, which can add a luxurious finish to the printed surface.

These films are glueable, meaning they can be easily bonded to various surfaces.  The films have adhesive properties that allow them to create a strong bond, protecting the underlying print and increasing its longevity.

The stampable characteristic of these films enables customisation sleeking options. They can be used as a base for foil stamping, enabling the addition of metallic accents or other decorative elements to printed material. This opens up possibilities for creating visually appealing and unique designs.

The printable element of these films allows for further customisation through digital or traditional printing techniques.  This makes it possible to add graphics, text or other visual elements directly onto the film, expanding the range of design possibilities and branding opportunities.



  • Matt finish
  • Glueable, stampable, printable
  • Recommended for Tonerfoil printing & foiling
  • Offset UV & litho oxidative ink receptive
  • Available core sizes 3” core
Other widths available upon request
Available as standard width (mm)
315, 440, 510

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