Thermal BOPP Embossed Pearl

Thermal BOPP Embossed Pearl lamination film is a type of speciality film used in the packaging industry to create a pearl-like finish on printed materials. This film has a subtle, iridescent pearl effect that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to packaging and promotional materials.

Thermal BOPP (bi-axially oriented polypropylene) is used as the base material for this lamination film. The pearl effect is created by adding a pearlescent coating to the film during the manufacturing process.

The Embossed Pearl effect offers a subtle yet eye-catching finish, making it a popular choice for luxury/high-end products. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Thermal BOPP Embossed Pearl lamination film offers excellent durability and resistance to water, oil, and abrasion.




  • True Embossed Pearl Finish
  • 1 side Corona/1 side Flame treated
  • Food Contact Safe
  • Available core sizes 3” core
Other widths available upon request
Available as standard width (mm)
630, 710
Other widths available upon request

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