Digi-stick BOPP Soft Touch

Digi-stick BOPP Soft Touch films are a type of speciality film used in the industry to create a velvety and soft texture on printed materials. The Digi-stick aspect of this film means that it has a strong adhesive that allows it to bond to various surfaces.

The Soft Touch effect is created via extrusion during the manufacturing process. The resulting texture provides a luxurious and tactile feel, making it a popular choice for luxury/high-end products.

Digi-stick BOPP Soft Touch lamination films offer excellent durability and resistance to water, oil, and abrasion, as well as providing a good barrier to protect the product. These films are print-receptive as well as UV and foil receptive.



  • Soft Touch Matt Finish
  • Peach Exclusive skin effect
  • Enhances colours of your print
  • Outstanding surface adhesion for all types of coatings, inks, hotmelt & foils
  • Superior bonding strength to all digital ink/toner types
  • Printable
  • Available core sizes 3” core
Standard reel lengths
Other widths available upon request
Available as standard width (mm)
315, 440, 445, 510
500/600mts, 1000/1200mts, 2400mts
Other widths available upon request

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