Posi-Film 135QD Inkjet Positive Film – Quick Dry

Posi-Film 135QD Inkjet Positive Film – Quick Dry is a specialised type of film designed for use in the printing industry, specifically for creating high-quality positives for screen printing. This film has a unique coating that ensures that it dries quickly, allowing for fast processing times. The Posi-Film aspect of this film means that it is specifically designed for use with inkjet printers, providing excellent print quality and sharpness. With a thickness of 135 microns, this film is robust enough to withstand the rigours of the printing process, ensuring that the printed image remains sharp and clear. Posi-Film 135QD Inkjet Positive Film – Quick Dry is a popular choice in the screen-printing industry because of its quick-drying properties, which can significantly reduce production time, and its high-quality print capabilities, which result in accurate and precise images.



  • Specialised layer for good ink adhesion ensuring Quick Drying
  • 1, 2, 4 & 8 page format capability with best registration accuracy
  • The film is moisture resistant; however, it is not smear proof in wet condition
  • Matt grain surface to ensure good vacuum and excellent image transfer, it also prevents sticking on exposure and ink transfer
  • Single, spot & pleasing full-colour reproduction capability
  • One piece positive for tabloid and broad sheet newspapers
  • Excellent dot sharpness and solid black reproduction
  • Totally dry Computer-to-Film-to-Plate process. No Camera. No Darkroom. No Imagesetter. No Plate setter. No Processor. No Chemistry. No hassles!
  • Unbeatable value for money
Other widths available upon request
Available as standard width (mm)
432, 610, 914, 1067, 1118, 1270, 1524 (30mtrs – 3” Core) [Please note core size is 3”]
210mm x 297mm, 297mm x 420mm, 330mm x 482mm
Other widths available upon request

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