Environmental Solutions

Actively Source and supply more sustainable products

As an importer of Plastic films we know we have an ever growing responsibility to ensure that we continually provide the most current technically driven & designed films where available

Circular Economy


We are the first UK-based company to offer a range of ISCC Plus certified 30% PIR/PCR lamination films for the Graphic Arts market. BioPP Wet, BioPP Thermal, PIR (Post Industrial Recycled) and PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) films produced with 30% recycled BOPP waste & 70% Virgin BOPP is another positive step in introducing part recycled content films into the market.



We also offer “Plastic Free” lamination films as an alternative which are available in both Wet & Thermal, Gloss & Matt grades. Made from wood pulp these films are accredited with being both Home & Industrially compostable & Bio-degradable



Within our business we’re constantly working towards our own 100% recycling targets. We currently recycle 100% of our inhouse BOPP waste & where possible 99% of all our packaging waste is currently recycled locally



Working with Climate Essentials we have set ourselves a target to reduce our carbon footprint (download our scope & carbon reduction pledge)

Educate & Encourage customers & the market

We recognise all print finishing processes have the potential to cause an impact on the environment and the worlds resources are limited. Working on the “Circular Economy” core principles we are constantly working with our global manufacturing partners to push for greener & more sustainable products. We actively encourage our customers to consider their options when purchasing and where possible explore ways of prolonging the lifetime of their projects to minimize the need to frequently print – Film lamination can help reduce your carbon emissions & wasted energy resources

Equally focus our sustainability efforts on ourselves

We are committed to compliance with environmental legislation, the achievement of continual improvement and the prevention of pollution. We internally promote energy and electricity conservation opting for high efficiency equipment where we can. As a company, we take aggressive steps internally to reduce our waste volume and actively separate all waste so that many of the component parts can be recycled

Limited Packaging

Within our business we’re constantly working towards our own 100% recycling targets. We currently recycle 100% of our inhouse BOPP/PET film waste & where possible 99% of our packaging waste is recycled locally.

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