Introducing Gif Products’ Premium Leather-like Lamination Films

Our Gloss Striking Leather and Matt Smooth Leather are the latest additions to the premium texture lineup at Gif Products.  These thermal lamination films offer a remarkable tactile experience and visually stunning finishes, closely resembling the luxurious texture of fine leather used in high-end products like handbags, coats, and upholstery.

Our Gloss Striking Leather and Matt Smooth Leather films are not just your average lamination film.  They boast intense tactile finishes, captivating patterns, and a host of other exceptional qualities.  The gloss and matt bases provide versatility, allowing for unique nuances in various applications.

Both versions share a similar pattern and surface tactile qualities, differing only in their base finish.  The matt version lends itself well to projects seeking a subtle, refined touch, while the gloss version delivers a striking, premium aesthetic.

These films offer exceptional transparency upon contact, allowing them to be applied over any colour or printed design without sacrificing clarity.  Whether used on editorial products, promotional materials, or luxury packaging, they instantly elevate the perceived value of the finished product.

Furthermore, Gif Products demonstrates a steadfast dedication to sustainability.  Our Gloss Striking Leather and Matt Smooth Leather films epitomise this commitment while upholding impeccable quality standards.  Both films are also available in versions derived from chemically recycled post-consumer plastic or recycled food-grade vegetable oils, certified by ISCC PLUS, further reinforcing our eco-friendly ethos.

Experience the difference with Gif Products’ premium leather-like lamination films.  Whether you’re a printer looking to try these innovative films or a packaging designer seeking to enhance your brand’s products, we invite you to contact us for more information or samples.

Elevate your projects with Gif Products’ Gloss Striking Leather and Matt Smooth Leather films. Contact us today to learn more about how these premium textures can add a touch of luxury to your projects.