Posi-Film 135QD: The Ultimate Solution for Precision Screen Printing

Posi-Film 135QD is not just any ordinary film; it’s a specially developed semi-translucent film engineered to elevate your screen-printing game to unprecedented heights.  Whether you’re producing wide format film positives, small format negatives for litho plates, or colour separations, this film delivers unparalleled performance and precision.

Posi-Film 135QD film stands out as a top-tier, moisture-resistant polyester-based inject film crafted for computer-to-film digital imaging, recommended for inkjet printers.  Perfect for vibrant full-colour and screen positives of any dimension, Posi-Film Quick Dry boasts unparalleled value.  Engineered to yield high resolutions, fast-drying four-colour plate ready, it matches the UV density of silver-based films, ensuring superior quality.

This cutting-edge film solution provides the most cost-effective route for computer-to-film operations, catering ideally to newspapers, book and magazine publishers, screen printers, flexo printers, and various other industries currently relying on costly silver-based films.

Features and Benefits:

Microscopic Perfection:  Our screen-printing inkjet film boasts a microporous, instant-drying composition with an aqueous coating.  This unique combination ensures rapid drying times while maintaining exceptional dot sharpness and dimensional stability, crucial for accurate screen prints and high-resolution colour separation.

Fade-Resistant Brilliance:  Posi-Film 135QD is engineered with high UV density to combat fading, ensuring that your prints retain their vibrancy over time.  Additionally, it offers superb water resistance when paired with pigment inks, guaranteeing longevity and durability in various printing environments.

Versatile Compatibility:  Compatible with both wide-format and small-format inkjet printers this film offers unmatched versatility.  Whether you’re using dye or pigment inks, rest assured that this film will meet your printing needs with consistently outstanding results.

Superior Optical Density:  Solid blacks are achieved effortlessly with Posi-Film 135QD, boasting a maximum optical and UV density.  This exceptional density ensures rich, deep blacks and vibrant colours in your prints, enhancing overall visual impact and quality.

Posi-Film 135QD: sets the standard for transparency and ink absorption. This clear polyester film facilitates the production of precise positive or negative film separations.

Enhanced Performance:  Our latest version of Posi-Film 135QD offers even higher ink absorptions, faster drying times, and an expanded UV density range.  With optimised print settings, images dry rapidly thanks to the highly porous coating, maximising print speeds without compromising quality.

Unrivalled Precision:  Posi-Film 135QD meets the highest demands for image registration accuracy and dimensional stability.  Whether you’re creating intricate screen stencils or litho plate productions, you can trust this film to deliver consistent, flawless results every time.

In conclusion, Posi-Film 135QD represents the pinnacle of screen-printing technology, combining cutting-edge features with unparalleled performance. Elevate your printing workflow, enhance your print quality, and exceed expectations with Posi-Film 135QD – the ultimate solution for precision screen printing.

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